Nazir was a veteran actor, producer and director.

He began his film career from a Lahore made silent film Mysterious Bandit in 1931.

He got success in Calcutta and Bombay made movies. Laila Majnu (1945) and Wamiq Azra (1946) with his actress wife Sawarn Lata and as director were some big movies. He was also hero with Madam Noor Jehan in film Gaun ki Gori in 1945.

Nazir was also honored to become hero of the first ever Punjabi and silver jubilee super hit film in Pakistan - Pheray (1949).

Nazir was married to Sawarn Lata. His first wife was sister of K. Asif who was director of legendary Indian film Mughal-e-Azam in 1960. He was also married to actress Sitara Devi.

He was born in Lahore in 1904 and died on August 26, 1983.

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      Nazir Ahmed Khan
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      July 13, 2024
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      August 26, 1983
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          Nazir was the hero, filmmaker and director of Pakistan's first superhit musical film Phere (1949).

          Released on Eid-ul-Fitr, July 28, 1949, this historic first Punjabi film competed with big Indian films like Dil Lagi, Dalari, Barsaat, Anaz and Lachhi (1949) and became the first Silver Jubilee Pakistani film to run for 25 consecutive weeks. Had the honor of being Made in a short span of a month, the film is said to have seven songs written, sung and recorded in a single day.

          In this film Nazir's heroine was his own actress wife Soran Lata, Zeenat, Nazr, Alauddin and M. Ismail were other important characters.

          Nazir, silent film actor

          Nazir was a senior artist who started his film career during the era of silent films. His first film was Mistress Bandit (1930) directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar. He was a popular and busy film hero of the thirties and forties.

          During this time, he formed his own film company, Hind Pictures, under the banner of which huge films like Laila Majnanu (1945) and Wamiq Ezra (1946) were made, in which he was the hero, filmmaker and director along with his actress Begum Soran Lata.

          During this period, he also had the honor of appearing as the hero opposite Madam Noor Jahan in the film Gaan Ko Gouri (1945).

          Nazir's return to Pakistan

          On his return to Pakistan, he first made an Urdu film 'Ishq Punjab' based on the story of Harranjha, but it is said that his negatives got burnt in an accident. Two songs of this film are recorded in the voice of Inayat Hussain Bhatti "Bhol Na Jana Dil La Ke". and "Bhangpk Mian Majnu."

          His first film in terms of release was Sachai (1949) with his Begum Soran Lata as the heroine.

          Soran Lata and Nazir movies The duo's other films included Anokhi Dastan (1950), Bhegi Pulkeen (1952), Khatoon (1955) and Sabra (1956), as well as Pakistan's second Golden Jubilee film Naokar (1955). Although it was a copycat film, Nazir and Soran Lata's acting was worth watching. The theme song of the film is "Raj Dalare, Meri Akhyan Ke Tare, Tere Wari Wari Jaon." Has the rank of Amarsangita. Baba Chishti sang this song separately from Manoor Sultana and Kausar Parveen.

          Nazir as actor Pakistan's first Jubilee heroine, Nazir's actress wife, Soran Lata Nazir Sahib acted in a total of 16 films in Pakistan, in which Hamida (1956), Farishta (1961) and Haveli (1964) were the only three films without Soran Lata, but in these films he was not the hero, only a character actor. were

          In Pakistan, he never appeared as a hero with any other actress except his Begum. His last film Sawal (1966) was also with his Begum.

          Soran Lata also acted without her husband Nazir in only three of her total of 18 films in Soutili Maa (1956), Kaas Issakt Ki (1969) and Duniya Na Mane (1971). But under the direction of Nazir, Soran Lata acted as the heroine along with Santosh, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Masood, Darpan and Habib.

          Nazir's last film Nazir's last film as an actor was Sawal (1966), in which he is the father of the film's heroine Sabiha Khanum, while Soran Lata is the mother of the vamp Saloni, who saves her daughter from infamy by slapping her illegitimate child on Sabiha's head. Is. There was great emotional acting.

          Nazir was born in Lahore and died there in 1983.

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