Pakistan's first Urdu social film, 'Shahida' (1949), directed by Luqman, began before independence and starred Shamim Bano and Nasir Khan. Conceived by Hakim Ahmad Shuja, it faced delays due to partition, resurfacing in 1948 under M. Akbar. Nasir Khan's final Lollywood role, it features classics like "Dar Ba Dar Phirte Hain" and "Alwidah," with music by Ghulam Haider and Ghulam Ahmed Chishti.

  • Amidst the post-independence cinematic landscape of Pakistan, 'Shahida' stands as a groundbreaking Urdu-language Muslim social film directed by Luqman and released on 19 March 1949. Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani film initiated before the country's independence in 1947 but released in 1949. Shamim Bano takes on the titular role opposite Nasir Khan, who marked his second and final appearance in Lollywood before permanently relocating to India.

    Originally conceived by Hakim Ahmad Shuja in the mid-1940s, 'Shahida' faced challenges and delays, notably due to the partition in 1947, which marked the end of the joint film industry. Resurrected in 1948 by producer M. Akbar and director Luqman, the film saw Hakim Ahmad Shuja revising the script. The collaboration with notable musicians Ghulam Haider and Ghulam Ahmed Chishti resulted in timeless classics such as "Dar Ba Dar Phirte Hain" and "Alwidah," contributing to the film's musical legacy.

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    March 18, 1949
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