In the bustling heart of Karachi, a determined girl harbors a dream to shatter stereotypes and play cricket for Pakistan, while her brother, once a rising star himself, grapples with his past. As they navigate the gritty world of local cricket scene, their unwavering bond and the city's chaotic past become their greatest allies in this deeply Pakistani tale of ambition, resilience, and family.

2h 33min
January 26, 2024
  • In the vibrant and bustling heart of Karachi, Nayab, a spirited young woman, finds herself caught between tradition and her burning passion for cricket. Supported by her older, married brother, who was once a promising cricket star himself, Nayab rebels against her parents' expectations and embarks on a journey to break gender stereotypes by pursuing her dream of playing cricket for Pakistan's national team.

    Nayab's brother, torn between his own past ambitions and the challenges he faced, becomes a pillar of support for her unconventional aspirations. Together, they navigate the gritty and competitive world of the local cricket scene in Karachi, a city with a rich and chaotic history.

    As Nayab trains rigorously to prove herself on the cricket field, she encounters societal norms that seek to confine her within predefined roles. The story unfolds as Nayab's determination, resilience, and unwavering bond with her brother become powerful tools against the backdrop of a city marked by its struggles and triumphs.

    "Nayab" is a deeply Pakistani tale that explores themes of ambition, breaking stereotypes, and the importance of family in the face of societal expectations. The cricket field becomes the stage where Nayab fights not just for her place in the team but also for a larger cause, challenging perceptions and inspiring others to dream beyond traditional boundaries.

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    January 26, 2024
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    • naamyaadrakhna
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        2 hours 33 minutes
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